Unlimited Spare Parts International

Unlimited Spare Parts International is a group of companies dedicated to supplying machine knives and other high wear and tear spare parts to the food processing and food packaging industry. Unlimited’s subsidiaries UniTrack, U-name-It, Wensing and Global Blades, Spares & Consultancy service a wide range of food processing and food packaging companies throughout Europe.

From its locations in Warmenhuizen and Apeldoorn Unlimited Spare Parts offers over 4,000 unique parts under its own brands. These high wear and tear spare parts are compatible with nearly all relevant original equipment manufacturers of processing and packaging machines at a comparable quality level. In co-development with their clients, the Unlimited companies continuously work on expansion of the product offering and new versions of existing products.

See also: www.unameit.nl, www.unitrack.eu, www.wensing.nl and www.globalblades.nl