Leefenergiebewust is a platform of several companies which promote cooperation in the field of sustainability solutions for homeowners, housing associations and SMEs in the Benelux region. The companies share the common mission of making the energy transition accessible and attainable for everyone. Current product offering include solar panels, various forms of insulation (roof, floor and wall insulation), heat pumps and technical installations & consultancy. Each subsidiary offers a proprietary specialism with a corresponding end customer, whereby the group focuses on close cooperation between the various companies and the integration of various solutions into one comprehensive offering.

Currently, Leefenergiebewust consists of the following companies: De SolarStudio, Greeny Bros., IsoSun, UniPearls, Rouwenhorst and Bestisol with offices are located in Almere, Uitgeest, Noordkop, Best, Apeldoorn and Rijssen. Leefenergiebewust continuously aims on expanding its platform by adding new sustainability products and services, amongst others via an active buy-and-build strategy.

Also see: www.leefenergiebewust.nl, www.desolarstudio.nl, www.greenybros.com, www.isosun.nlwww.unipearls.nl, www.rouwenhorst-isolatie.com and www.bestisol.com