Koel Isolatie Maatschapij Nederland

K.I.M., headquartered in Apeldoorn since 1968, is a company specialized in modular insulated construction. Across the Netherlands and increasingly also abroad, the company builds refrigerated stores, cold stores and other climate-controlled storage options for the food, pharma, transport and logistics sectors. With approximately 70 own employees, 50 of which are VCA-certified technicians and a flexible pool of assembly partners, K.I.M. executes more than 200 projects per year. K.I.M.’s qualified labor force supported by state of the art 3D ‘Building Information Modelling’ tools allows the company to significantly reduce building failure costs, which combined with the companies own inhouse sheet metal forming shop and sole use of first class materials sets the company apart from its competitors. Also see www.kim-nederland.nl.