Clifford Electronics

Clifford, established in 1995 and headquartered in Lijnden, the Netherlands, provides automotive telematics and technology-based safety & security solutions which strongly reduce the probability of vehicle theft and maximizes the possibility of recovery. The Company is geographically active in the Benelux, generating some 60% of its total recurring revenues in the Netherlands. Through its various partnerships Clifford has access to state of the art hardware and software solutions. Clifford holds the exclusive distribution right of the full Vodafone Automotive product range in the Benelux and is the exclusive National Service Provider for Vodafone Automotive telematics and connected car solutions in this region. As a National Service Provider the Company provides local support amongst others certified SOC (Secure Operating Centre) services, contract management for the end user, technical and end user customer support and management of local insurance certifications. Also see

In 2021 Faringwell has joined Clifford. Faringwell offers similar services as Clifford and provides a strong independent saleschannel with a  fleetmanagement solution for SME fleet owners. Also see