Capital Cleaning Group is, with its platform investment Cantorclin, a top-10 player in the Dutch cleaning market, focusing on traditional cleaning services for mid-market companies and cleanrooms. The company is unique for its flat organizational structure, strong back office support and placing a high value on its employees.

Since the foundation of Capital Cleaning Group’s platform investment Cantorclin in 1960, Capital Cleaning Group has become a top 10 player in the Dutch cleaning market. Capital Cleaning Group has realized its growth by providing the professional service of a large cleaning company, with the personal touch of a local player. By focusing on both customer and employee relations, Capital Cleaning Group has been able to build a large and loyal customer base of mostly mid-market companies, but also companies in the public domain, healthcare institutions, educational facilities and retail locations. On top of that, Cantorclin has positioned itself perfectly in the clean room market by actively participating in branch organizations and working together with key players in the sector. Because of this, Capital Cleaning Group has grown into a prominent player in this niche market.

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