Amslod is a fast-growing and leading direct-to-consumer Dutch e-bike brand. E-bikes are manufactured by order of Amslod and are sold directly to consumers via Experience Centres throughout the Netherlands, or directly at home via mobile sales teams.

Since its foundation in 2015, Amslod has rapidly grown into one of the largest e-bike players in the Netherlands. Amslod has a broad product range with different types of city bikes, serving the traditional active leisure cyclist. With the introduction of new models, Amslod aims to offer attractive e-bikes for a younger target group and the commuter. From a growing number of its own Experience Centres throughout the Netherlands, Amslod offers consumers the opportunity to test e-bikes under the guidance of experienced professionals. There is also a service centre at each location where customers can visit for maintenance. In addition, customers also have the option of having a sales representative or service engineer visit them at home. All Amslod e-bikes come directly from the manufacturer, have the latest technology and the highest quality components. Service, quality, ease of use and safety are of paramount importance at Amslod. Also see