Advitas, founded in 2006, is an independent Dutch financial service provider with specific expertise in life insurance and mortgages. It provides continuous advisory services on these products and positions itself as accessible, reliable and personal. Advitas is located in Alkmaar and Heerenveen and is happy to visit people at home for a personal consultation on these products. Due to this focused approach on these specific and more complex products, Advitas is able to provide thorough and broad advice on topics that are key to the financial health of consumers. Advitas already assists over 300,000 customers in their financial choices.

Thanks to its excellent reputation in life insurance and mortgages, other insurance intermediaries entrust their portfolios to Advitas. For example, Advitas can manage the complex products for an insurance intermediary. Advitas also acquires existing life and mortgage portfolios. The focus on such products has led to a company which is excellent in dealing with the corresponding duty of care of these products. Traditional intermediaries often see a long-term duty of care as non-core, while Advitas has made the specific services requires its core business. The organisation is also equipped to service these products and, thanks to its specific knowledge and its 150 employees, has the right expertise and processes in place.
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